FUSION Release Notes

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June 19, 2015


  • Uploading New Device Icons: Uploading new device icons has been fixed. New icons can again be added to the image catalog. Please contact your site coordinator to create new icons.
  • Internet Explorer and Floor Plans: Floor plans can now refresh in Internet Explorer. As with all floor plan releases, we recommend clearing your browser cache in order to access the latest updates to FUSION. 

January 23, 2015


  • Changing Groups is easier: The ComNet Technical Team added a new scroll bar to the drop-down list that allows you to easily change Groups. Previously, if you had access to many Groups and had a very small screen resolution, you could not select a Group if the list went past the bottom of the screen.
  • The FUSION v2 User’s Guide is now linked to Help: A new PDF-formatted User’s Guide is available with steps and illustrations for all features and functions in FUSION. Click Help (next to Welcome) and the Guide opens in a separate window; you have the option of downloading and saving it to your desktop.
  • Assigning icons in Device Catalog: The Group Device Catalog now accepts default icons when adding new items. You still have the ability to change the icon, either by choosing just a different color, or by choosing a completely different icon and color.

December 19, 2014

software application updates:

  • Printer Mapping using the Device Edit screen: Assigning printers to devices (PCs) is now possible using the Device Edit screen’s Device Edit Lookup Table.
  • Issues Pagination:   The Issues table count now increments record and rows as expected; table pagination arrows are active and record counts for searches now list the actual data that is returned.
  • Add Device to Floor Plan: When adding a device from the Floor Plan, you are now required to select a Loc port, add the device and immediately view the device on the Floor Plan. Previously, it was not possible to view the device if it was added incorrectly.
  • Device Captions in a Floor Plan: When you hover over a device caption, the caption displays the correct data. In the past, you had to first refresh the Floor Plan to show the correct data.

November 26, 2014


  • Full Loc Captions: Previously, when entering Full Loc Data captions that were lengthy, they were splitting to another line, pushing other captions to the bottom of the box. Caption boxes now expand to contain all data on the same line.

  • Version Stamps: When viewing the Floor Plan in full screen, version stamps were displaying in center screen. They now display in the left corner.

  • Version Stamps: Formerly, toggle windows displayed with only a portion of the window visible. They are now displaying in full.

August 15, 2014

Software Application Updates: 

  • Loc Port Look-Up Device Details: From MACD or Cutsheet, the Loc Port Lookup in Device Edit now displays the corresponding closet's details.
  • Device Icon Color Options: Now in Device Catalog when selecting the colors for device icons, the icons will display in the selected color instead of the former, default green, and the color's name is displayed in the "Color" column instead of the color's number value.

July 25, 2014

Feature Enhancements

  • Print Floor Plans without Device & Loc Icons: FUSION has a new feature--downloading floor plans to PDF--where users may now download floor plan PDF's that do not display Device and Loc icons. From the "Setup" tab, the "Drawing" module's function bar displays a "Download" button. After selecting the desired floor plan, press the "Download" button to save the floor plan's PDF. 

Reminder: After a period of inactivity, FUSION sessions timeout, and users are logged out. If planning to be inactive for 20 minutes or more, it is a good idea to logout. 

July 11, 2014

Feature Enhancements

Room Edit:  FUSION's "Room Edit" feature now includes two additional fields, "Room Signage" and "CAFM Room Number". These additional fields also display in the Floor Plan's "Custom Captions" and enhance floor plan search capabilities for "Arch Room Number".

June 27, 2014

Feature Enhancements

  • Floor Plan: Adding Locs and Devices in the Floor Plan module now includes a more simplified layout and the increased functionality of filters. Also new to Floor Plan, the Full Loc caption now includes the Port information.
  • Cutsheet: In Cutsheet, the Mapped Printer fields can now be represented as "True" or "False".

June 13, 2014

Feature Enhancements

  • Floor Plan: In the FUSION Floor Plan module, the "Hover Label" feature has been reconnected. Now when hovering the mouse pointer over any device icon, the Hover Label appears, displaying the full Loc and Model.

May 30, 2014

Software Application Fixes

  • Locport: "Switchport" in the Device Caption Builder of the FUSION "Floor Plan" module has been renamed to "Locport". Previously, when using the caption builder and selecting "Switchport" neither the caption, nor its data, would properly carry over to the device's caption. Now with the selection of "Locport", both the caption and the data carry over. 

May 9, 2014

Software Application Fixes

  • Device Template Filters by Group: Previously, FUSION's "Device Template" drop-down menus were displaying a complete list of available "Community Catalog Devices”. The menus now currently filter by "Group Catalog Devices”.

  • Device Template Placement: When using a template to add devices in "MACD", the "Placement Field" will now populate into the device's record.

April 25, 2014

Feature Enhancements

  • Keyboard Shortcuts in Floor Plan: FUSION now includes the convenient functionality of keyboard shortcut commands. In Floor Plan, the screen may be refreshed using the shortcut command, Alt+R. Devices and Locs may also be toggled on and off through shortcuts. For Devices use, Alt+O, and for Locs, use Alt+L.

  • Customizable Options for PDF Printing: Printing in Floor Plan has become more flexible with new, customizable options that allow for the resizing of both Loc and Device icons and their captions.

March 4, 2014

Software Application Fixes

  • High-Density Locs: In Floor Plan, custom captions for locs has been further refined. Now, high-density locs with the same X and Y coordinates, living in different rooms or departments, will be correctly represented with the captions displaying all additional and distinguishable data. This enhancement has been designed in such a way that it helps to more easily identify data entry errors and also reduces redundancies. 
  • Empty Captions on PDFs: Previously when printing PDF versions of a floor plan where captions have not been entered for locs or devices, the icons, along with empty caption boxes, printed. This has been changed so that the icons are now displayed alone. 
  • Device or Loc Toggling: There have been instances where icons on the Floor Plan have not been toggling properly. It has been discovered that each time there is an upgrade or change to the Floor Plan, users should reset or refresh browsers. Because some upgrades and changes occur behind the scenes, it is recommended that each time a user opens Floor Plan, the following 3 steps should be followed:
  1. Clear cache [Ctrl-Shift-Delete].
  2. Refresh browser.
  3. Turn on Captions.
  • Icons Above Floor Plan: In some instances where device or loc icons are associated with directions 5 or 8, the icons are placed above the Floor Plan, but once the system is refreshed, they bounce into place. However, this no longer occurs, and the icons are placed on the Floor Plan in the chosen directions.

January 24, 2014

Software Application Fixes

  • Accessory Fields in Cutsheet: In Cutsheet, the edit pencil has been removed from all accessory fields to prevent erroneous mass updates. Accessories, phone buttons, mapped printers, and mainframe sessions can be edited in Device Details by accessing through Cutsheet, MACD, or Floor Plan. Device specific fields can still be edited using the pencil in the Cutsheet grid.
  • Cutsheet Export: A bug has been corrected that caused duplicate exports simultaneously from Cutsheet. Exports will now occur one at a time when the "Export" button is clicked.
  • Reports: Reports that have more than twenty-five columns will now export to Excel with all column headers.
  • Password Changes: The requirements for password changes have been more clearly identified in the warning popups.