Customer TEStimonials

"The ComNet company principals went above and beyond what was contracted to ensure project success, providing the FUSION tool to manage our IT equipment, integration of a new telephony system, cutover and helpdesk support, and training of users. Not only did ComNet deliver as promised, but it was instrumental in ensuring that other vendors on the project were meeting deliverables."

- Lead Project Manager, Northern California Medical Center

"ComNet Technology came to the table with a master plan to identify, track and manage transitioning our existing communications system to a VoIP solution in a new medical center. With the company’s vast experience and understanding of communication systems, we could focus on the bigger picture of constructing a building while they concentrated on the specifics of equipment deployment and training our employees." 

- Consultant, Southern California Medical Center

"I wanted to personally thank you for the huge assist on Friday night's cutover - I appreciate your willingness to always help where you can and this attitude carries over to your consultants and PM's across the board." 

- Facility Project Manager, Northern California 

"Many thanks to the team for a job well done.  Even though the time frame was short for this project, it was accomplished without incident, and in a very professional manner."

- VoIP Project Manager, Northern California

"In just five months we were able to build a new facility, with your participation, input, and definitely hard work the move-in was almost flawless, your efforts were the main contributor to the positive move experience for the staff. It is my honor to have been able to work with such a capable team. Thank you." 

- Sr. Project Manager, Northern California IT Capital Projects 

"Congratulations team for a successful and smooth transition for our Business Partners!  Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication, especially through the Holidays."

- VoIP Program Manager, Northern California